We believe that all food should be high quality, preservative and additive free, and with no hidden ingredients. Even if it comes in a package.


Conscious Foods Network™ is a  community of individuals who deeply care about the quality of food available for consumption.  We have come together under this ideal to learn about REAL food brands and to support them.  Join the community here, also on Facebook and Twitter, to learn about brands that care and to stay abreast of what is happening in our national food system.

Together, we can support a healthy America and world.



Our Mission

We aim for a world where all foods are truly natural, accessible to everyone, and at affordable prices. We want to be able to walk into any supermarket and have trust and confidence that what we purchase will be good for our health, as well as our taste buds. We believe in brands that have transparency in labeling, honest intentions, and integrity. We want truth, collaboration, and love from all the companies that feed us.

Read our manifesto or learn more about how this mission began.


Our Values